• HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly Can be customized
  • HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly Can be customized
  • HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly Can be customized
  • HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly Can be customized

hvdiode: Customizable HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly for Precision Power Solutions

Explore hvdiode's versatile HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly. Designed for precision power solutions, this customizable assembly ensures reliable performance in diverse applications. Elevate your power systems with our cutting-edge technology.
  • HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly Can be customized
  • HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly Can be customized

Welcome to hvdiode, where innovation meets precision. Our HVA PCB Rectifier Assembly is a testament to advanced engineering, offering a customizable solution for your unique power requirements.

Products Main features
1、PCB installation method.
2、Special high temperature resistant chip hvdiode.
3、Fast reverse recovery time for high efficiency.
4、Avalanche Characteristic.
5、Used in insulating oil for efficient heat dissipation.

HVAPCB-Series High Voltage PCB Rectifier Assemblies (10-300KV;5mA-50A;20~70nS )

Specification parameters and dimensions can be customized 

Type Vrrm(KV) Io(mA) Trr(nS) Ifsm(A) Vfm(V) Irrm1/Irrm2(uA) Photo
  Ta=25℃ Ir=5uA Ta=25℃   tp=8.3ms 25℃ Max Ta=25℃/100℃
HVAPCB10-20 10 20.0 -- 400 12.0 5/50
HVAPCB20-20 20 20.0 -- 400 24.0 5/50
HVAPCB30-30 30 30.0 -- 600 36.0 5/50
HVAPCB50-10 50 10.0 -- 200 60.0 5/50
HVAPCB100-10 100 10.0 -- 200 120.0 5/50
HVAPCB150-10 150 10.0 -- 200 180.0 5/50
HVAPCB200-10 200 10.0 -- 200 240.0 5/50
HVAPCB10H20 10 20.0 100 400 15.0 5/50
HVAPCB20H20 20 20.0 100 400 30.0 5/50
HVAPCB30H30 30 30.0 100 600 45.0 5/50
HVAPCB50H10 50 10.0 100 200 75.0 5/50
HVAPCB100H10 100 10.0 100 200 150.0 5/50
HVAPCB150H10 150 10.0 100 200 225.0 5/50
HVAPCB200H10 200 10.0 100 200 300.0 5/50
HVAPCB200H20 200 20.0 100 400 300.0 5/100
Junction Temperature(MAX) Temperature -55~+175℃; Storage Temperature -55~+150℃;
The models are not displayed individually, please contact customer service for specific requirements
Other models and parameters are not fully displayed, please contact our customer service: [email protected]

Company Profile

In 2008, Anshan Suly Electronics Co., Ltd. began its journey as HVDIODE, with a clear mission: to revolutionize the world of semiconductor high-voltage rectifier components.

 Rooted in advanced technology and innovation, our company has grown from a visionary idea into a global leader in high-voltage application technology. At the core of our success is a commitment to research and development, fostering long-standing collaborations with universities, research institutions, and enterprises worldwide. 

Our story is not just about manufacturing,it's about creating solutions that power progress.

 Upholding values of customer-centric service, integrity, and efficiency, we are proud to be an ISO9001 certified company, dedicated to quality and environmental responsibility.

 HVDIODE is more than a manufacturer; we are pioneers, shaping the future of high-voltage technology.


Who Are We?
We are HVDIODE, a specialist in manufacturing semiconductor high-voltage rectifier components since 2008, known for our advanced technology and dedication to innovation.

How Can We Guarantee Quality?
Quality is assured through our ISO9001 certification and adherence to strict manufacturing standards, ensuring top-notch products and consistent performance.

What Can You Buy from Us?
Our products include a range of high-quality semiconductor high-voltage rectifier components, designed for various high-voltage applications.

Why Should You Buy from Us, Not from Other Suppliers?
Our unique combination of advanced technology, commitment to R&D, long-term industry partnerships, and customer-focused service sets us apart in the market.

What Services Can We Provide?
We offer comprehensive services including product customization, technical support, and dedicated customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Explore now for innovative electronic solutions!

Expects To Provide You With Perfect Service
Expects To Provide You With Perfect Service
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